Current Officers - 2012
Name Position
Cathleen Erwin, PhD
President 2012
Sean Tinney, FACHE Vice President / President Elect 2012
Lee Pearce Secretary 2012
Andrew Gnann, FACHE Treasurer 2012
Mike Conrad Communications Director 2012-2013
Amy Landry, PhD Program Director / LPC Coordinator 2011-2012
Cody Butts Central Alabama LPC Director 2011-2012
Ashleigh McKenzie South Alabama / Mobile LPC Director 2011-2012
Bill Anderson, FACHE North Alabama LPC Director 2011-2012
Heather Hargis, FACHE Member-At-Large (Advancement) 2011-2012
Kyle Buchanan Membger-At-Large (Sponsorship) 2012-2013
Donald Jones, FACHE ACHE Regent for Alabama (Ex Officio, Voting) 2012-2014
Sandy Thurmond, FACHE Immediate Past President (Ex Officio, Non-voting) 2012
Paul Hogan UAB MSHA Student Member (Ex Officio, Non-voting) 2012

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